Embroidery can be an excellent way of customizing a variety of cloth items. Whether it is clothing, linens, or other fabrics, embroidery is commonly used to help make these items more festive for various holidays or other important occasions. If you own embroidery that is customized for Christmas or other major holidays, you will want to follow some important steps to keep the holiday and Christmas embroidery free from some common types of damage.

Thoroughly Clean The Items Before Storing Them

Prior to placing these items into storage, you should thoroughly wash and dry them. This will remove dust, dirt and other particulate matter that could cause the embroidery to become dull or discolored. Most types of embroidery will benefit from being hand washed and air dried as this will be the most gentle option.

Be Mindful Of The Temperature And Humidity

When you are looking at your options for where to store these items, you may want to be aware of the dangers that intense temperatures or high humidity levels can cause. Intense heat can cause the threading to warp and the pigments to start to break down. Furthermore, humidity can contribute to the fabric develop rot that could ruin the entire item. For these reasons, you should always store these items where these factors are mitigated. This may mean paying extra for climate controlled storage units, but this is a minor fee for avoiding potentially serious damage.

Protect The Cloth Against Insects Or Other Pests

Insects and rodents can be attracted to your holiday fabrics. This is due to the fact that the fabrics may make excellent nesting materials for these pests. Unfortunately, they may shred or eat the fabric, which could destroy the item. Also, their droppings can permanently stain these items. Preventing this type of damage will require you to both treat the storage area on a regular basis for pests and use storage containers that will be difficult for these pests to access. If you rent a unit from a local storage facility, you should review their treatment schedule so that you can be sure that your items will be as protected against these pests as possible.

Keep Everything Labeled

It is important to be as orderly as possible when you are packing and storing these items. Otherwise, you may find that you will need to spend much longer working on pulling these items from storage. When you are labeling these containers, you should include the types of embroidered items that are in each container along with the number of items.