Floor graphics are an easy and fun way to update the hard flooring within your home. You can go for something playful, such as dinosaur footprints or a car track in a child's room, or you can use graphics to add a design to update older or stained flooring. Regardless of the design you choose, you will want to make sure the graphics are properly cared for. This way they can last a long time without any need for replacement. The following tips can help you with the graphics.

Tip #1: Only apply them to clean floors

A deep cleaning is necessary to remove any dirt, grease, or cleaner residue that could prevent the graphics from adhering properly. Begin with sweeping to remove most of the loose dirt. Then, damp mop with a cleaning liquid that is designed to cut through grease. Avoid using any products that contain oil, including orange, lemon, and pine oil. Finish with a mop with clear water and a wipe down with a lint-free cloth. Once the floors are completely dry, you can install the graphics.

Tip #2: Skip the abrasive tools

Abrasive cleaning tools include mop sponges with rough scrubbing surfaces, deck brushes, and handheld "scrubbies." These can weaken the protective coating on the floor graphic, as well as catch and pull up the edges. Steam mops can also cause the adhesive to fail, so should be avoided. Instead, mop with a string mop or a soft sponge mop. This way you don't have to worry about damaging the graphic. If the graphic only covers a small area, you can use a scrub mop or steamer elsewhere, just remember not to use it on the graphic.

Tip #3: Pick the right cleaning solution

Fortunately, once the graphic is applied, you can use any cleaning solution you desire as long as it doesn't contain chlorine bleach or acids, like vinegar or lemon. Both bleach and acids can destroy the protective non-skid surface of the graphic. Most cleaners made for wood, tile, and linoleum flooring are safe for use on floor graphics. You can even use wax over the graphic if you like the look and protection afforded by a waxed floor. As an added bonus, waxing over the floor graphic helps protect it, which can help the graphic last longer without any damage.

For more help, contact a graphics company to find the best design for your home.