A lot of people find a degree of comfort in having various religious-themed display pieces around their homes. If you're among this group, you may enjoy shopping for certain pieces that appeal to you. One type of display piece that you'll often find is a figurine that depicts praying hands. Online stores that specialize in religious display pieces typically have a considerable number of these figurines, which means that you can check out a few models and find whatever suits you best. While there are lots of standard praying hands religious figurines, you'll also find some that have more of a unique design. Here are three examples.


It's common for a praying hands figurine to be one solid piece, but you'll also find products that come in two pieces. When you check out a praying hands bookend, you'll see that instead of both hands being connected to a single base, you'll have one hand on one base and the other hand on another base. You can place both hands together so that they're touching, but another option is to stack a few important books between the hands. For example, you might wish to keep your Bible and hymn book between the two praying hands.

Cremation Urn

When a loved one passes away, some people wish to keep some of the person's cremated remains in an urn in their home. There are many different urns on the market, including some that depict hands that are pressed together in prayer. The base of a praying hand's cremation urn will be large and allow you to open it. When you receive the cremated remains from the funeral home, you can load them into the base, and then close it. The thought that hands are praying over your loved one's cremated remains may be a comfort to you in the years ahead.

Candle Holder

There are some praying hands figurines that are designed to hold a candle. These figurines often have large bases that can hold a taper, pillar, or votive candle. When you set up the figurine in your home, you can add the appropriate candle to it and light the candle on special occasions. For example, you might favor lighting the candle when you've prayed for someone you know who is going through a difficult time. To check out these and other praying hands figurines, visit a website that specializes in religious decorative items.